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Bill Grotjahn, Pro Bass Fisherman

"The top end speed was increased 3-4 MPH... RPM was decreased approximately 300... Bow slap was also significantly reduced....boat moved around much better when being powered by the trolling motor with no drag on the hull, the batteries did not discharge nearly as quickly, and the boat seemed to move about more smoothly."

Cpt. John Sackett, Angling Adventure

"In summary, your product made my boat considerably faster, more fuel efficient, made it ride quieter, made it ride softer with less slam, and it allows me to run on plane at slower speeds. I can't think of a product that has ever accomplished all the above, much less done it at such a reasonable cost. Many thanks."


USA Water Ski Team

"As a result of using HySpeedKote™ on our skis I am proud to tell you that the USA Water Ski Team has brought the Gold back to the United States."

Team Devil's Advocate Ski Team

"HySpeedKote™ gives us a way to combat ski drag which ultimately reduces skier fatigue...we look forward to coating everything that we can get wet with it!"

Racing teams

Team Warlock, B-91

"We have come to consider HySpeedKote™ as part of the team effort that has put us at the top of the APBA OFFSHORE 'E' CLASS, Factory 1 rankings...I would use it on any boat I own, whatever the type or size."
Owner of Phantom Boats

". . . 30' Phantom Speedster was coated with HySpeedKote™ and went on to become the 1999 APBA/UIM A-Class Champion ... and went on to set a new World speed record of 101.865 MPH. The previous record was broken by more than 8 MPH."

"Twisted Styx" Offshore Racing Team

"The boat is definitely faster and smoother. It handles better and lands softer in the water... I can cut tighter in the turns because I flow through the cross wakes now instead of pounding into them."

Personal Watercraft

Team Super Soaker

"Not only was the Yamaha JP 1200 faster it was noticeably smoother and more stable in the water... The reduction in bow hunting or bow steering is very significant when entering a turn in a race or when avoiding an obstacle."

In recent Tests with Tracy and Brandon Ratcliff of Team Super Soaker, the Yamaha PWC Racing Team, HySpeedKote™ was applied on Yamaha's JP1200 which is considered Yamaha's fastest PWC. The results were surprising. Not only was the PWC faster, it was also easier to control.

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