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The Science of HySpeedKote


Simply stated HySpeedKote is a polymer coating which, when applied to a surface, attracts and chemically bonds water molecules to it.

Once the coating has dried, the boat is launched and left in the water for an hour. This is called the wet-out period. During this time the polymer in Hyspeedkote slowly expands just as a dry sponge does after being placed in water.

Think of the expanding polymer as millions of small branches growing from the bottom surface of your boat. At the end of each branch are free hydroxyl (OH) radicals. Like magnets, these hydroxyls bond the water molecules to the polymer. This is how Hyspeedkote keeps a continuous film of water on hulls to reduce drag.

The kinematic friction or drag is now reduced because the surface pushing through the water is in fact water.

The idea for Hyspeedkote was first developed in the chemistry labs of the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg, Canada by Professor Emeritus of Chemistry Dr. H. D. Gesser. It was tested and comercialized by D. Lafreniere, also from Winnipeg and now with Marine Polymer Group, Florida USA


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