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Hyspeedkote™ is a water insoluble polymer coating that actually holds a continuous film of water on underwater surfaces. The resulting effect of water against water reduces resistance (drag) and increases efficiency, offering one or more of the following benefits:
* Up to 25% reduced fuel consumption!
* Up to 40% increase in range at constant speed!
* Up to 25% reduction in sea-plane take-off distance!
* Up to 26% increase in speed @ 1500 rpm!

Quicker acceleration — decreased distance and time it takes to plane power craft and for sailing/paddling hulls to get up to speed and float planes to take-off

A remarkably more comfortable ride, no matter the hull material or water condition, also far less bow slap and pounding.

A quieter hull at all speeds, and additional speed for racing, getting to a fishing hole, or cruising.
Waxes, silicones, and other sealants that many boaters apply to enhance performance, or those contained in gelcoat as part of the mould release process, are actually counterproductive. These water repelling coatings, called hydrophobic, create a "dry" surface that only increases drag.
Since Hyspeedkote® is a hydrophilic coating, one that attracts water, it allows your boat to move through the water with less effort, regardless of composition, configuration, or size.
Once applied—a light misting is all that's required—this long lasting polymer coating dramatically reduces the drag caused by surface tension between water and underwater surfaces. In fact, the more coated surface in the water the greater the increase in efficiency. (It can be applied over bottom paint but its long-lasting qualities will be diminished as the bottom paint erodes.)


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