Fact Sheet
The Science


How to apply HySpeedKote
Use On
  Hulls   Fiberglass,
  wood, metal 
  Kayaks, canoes,
  Jet Skis   Surf boards,
  A variety of Equipment
  Fishing lures  Skis, knee boards   Dive Tanks   Fins, masks 
  Lower units  Trim tabs   Sounding units   Jet drives
Major benefits
  For everyone


  Extended range
Increased speed at same RPM
  Reduced fuel
 Saves money
  Decreases time &
  distance to plane
Much cleaner bow entry
  Less hull noise
 Long lasting;
 will not flake off

  Less battery drain,
  more range using
  trolling motors 

  Less resistance
  when retrieving
  Quieter hull; less
  chance of
  spooking fish
Fewer missed
  PWCs, Skiers,
  Accelerate faster   Softer re-entries
Less drag
 Waxing no
 longer necessary
  Sailors   Increased speed on
  any point of sail
  Improves light air

Gives a competitive edge 

Eliminates sanding
& waxing hulls
  Paddlers   Increases maneuverability and speed, decreases fatigue

The only product of its kind that

Dries to an almost  invisible hard coating in seconds with no messy residue to clean up.

Is easy to apply. No additional equipment to purchase, i.e., rollers,  brushes, buckets.

Can be sprayed at any angle, even upside down, and without splattering.

Creates a bond that provides a continuous, uninterrupted film of water on a hull that reduces drag and increases hull efficiency.

Creates a mechanical  bond by entering the pores of the surface being coated for durability.  

Is long lasting – Will  remain on a surface for  approximately two years  unless seriously abraded.

Is environmentally friendly: non-toxic, will not flake off, does not emit
hlorofluorocarbons (CFC’s) or  harmful volatile organic compounds (VOC’s).

Spray  can uses air pressure rather than chemicals to  dispense product.

Application basics

Hyspeedkote uses a non-aerosol, pre-charged airless spray system. Each can contains a pouch into which the
product is injected. During application, HSK is forced out by air pressure surrounding the pouch. (The air remains in the can) This assures freshness, is why HSK can be sprayed at any angle, and why it is environmentally friendly.

Can be applied to all underwater  surfaces.

Surfaces must be clean, dry, and not  in direct sunlight.

A light mist is all that's necessary.

Can be sprayed at any angle even upside down.

Cures in 1 hour. Allow 1 hour wet-out time.


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