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Q: Can I put HSK on any kind of boat?
A: Yes. HSK can be used on fiberglass, aluminum, plastic, rubber and varnished wooden hulls, water skis, surf boards and so on. You can use it on any surface that touches the water.

Q: Will HSK prevent the growth of algae or barnacles?
A: No. HSK will not prevent the growth of organisms.

Q: How difficult is HSK to apply?
A: It's a very simple process. Just point and spray a light mist on the surface.

Q: Do I have to do anything special like sand or prime the bottom of my boat?
A: No. Just clean the surface with soap and water to remove all dirt and grime. Then wipe the surface with isopropyl alcohol and make sure the surface is dry before you spray.

Q: Are there any conditions I should avoid when spraying?
A: We recommend that you do not spray your boat on windy days or in direct sunlight.

Q: Should I apply more that one coat each time I use HSK?
A: No. Please remember that with HSK, more is NOT better. All that's required for optimum performance is a single fine misting of the hull.

Q: Is HSK easy to see as it's being sprayed?
A: HSK is not easy to see. You need to visually map out the areas you want to spray. Look closely at the surface you're spraying from various angles and you'll see a light haze on the coated area.

Q: How long after I apply HSK do I have to wait before I put my boat in the water?
A: We recommend that you wait one hour before you launch your boat.

Q: What does "wet out" time mean?
A: Wet out time is the time that HSK initially needs to absorb water. After the first time, wet out occurs almost immediately.

Q: What happens if I apply HSK and wait two weeks before launching my boat?
A: This will not affect the performance or the "wet out" time of the product.

Q: Do I have to let my boat sit or can I drive it during the initial wet out period?
A: It makes no difference whether the boat is stationary or moving.

Q: What happens if I put too much HSK on my hull? Does this change the performance of my vessel?
A: Excessive spray will not affect performance. However, you will notice a light amber coloration that can be eliminated by wiping sprayed surface with an alcohol moistened soft cloth.

Q: Do you guarantee better fuel economy?
A: No. But in tests performed by independent boat owners and manufacturers there has been a definite decrease in fuel consumption.

Q: Will an application of HSK make my boat slip off a trailer or forklift?
A: No. HSK does not make a hull or other underwater surface slippery or slimy.

Q: Should I wax the bottom of my hull after HSK has been applied?
A: Not necessary. HSK provides far more benefits than does waxing.

Q: Can I wash my boat with the same products I used before applying HSK?
A: Yes. HSK dries to a hard finish and is water insoluble.

Q: Can HSK be applied over anti-fouling paint?
A: It can but doing so will limit the paint's anti-fouling properties since HSK does not shed barnacles.

Q: Does loading and unloading my boat from a trailer remove HSK?
A: No.

Q: Does beaching my boat remove HSK?
A: Excessive beaching will remove HSK as it would any coating.

Q: If HSK holds a layer of water on my hull, will it cause blistering?
A: No, it actually creates a barrier between the water and the hull.


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