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The Science



HySpeedKote™ is a revolutionary polymer coating that enhances the overall performance of all watercraft and water sports equipment, providing a much softer ride with less noise, more control, reduced fuel consumption, reduced engine maintenance and extended range, making HySpeedKote™ economical to use. Everything that touches water will perform better with HySpeedKote™. Will not harm the environment.

HySpeedKote's patented efficiency treatment has proven to have major benefits for water and snow equipment.

* Cut fuel costs and reduce your carbon footprint
* Increase speed and range
* Get a softer, quieter ride
* Adheres to any surface
* Easy to apply
* Invisible to the eye (clear)
* Lasts up to 2 years
* Non-toxic with no CFC's
* Once applied, HySpeedKote™ is non-soluble in water presenting no danger to marine life

HySpeedKote™ changes all the rules for equipment used in water and on snow surfaces, regardless of their composition, configuration, or size!


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